Trophallaxis for Troglodytes


No, this is not about the Greek electronic music composer.

The world is turning constantly. Hurtling through space. An oasis of possibility. Blink, and then it is gone.

Words lie. People lie. People use words to lie. Words cannot really describe the truth. When I try to describe the truth with words, I end up lying. No way around that. The best we can do is perhaps just a lie of omission. Leaving something out. Because it doesn’t fit our version of the truth. Maybe its just something that we conveniently don’t remember. Or maybe we do, but we are so good at reshaping the truth to fit our lies that we can effectively ignore some things, almost as if they don’t exist. It is in this half-way realm between truth and lies that words carry us.



the only reason there is memory
is because we are here.
it never happened,
only in so much as it is happening now.

i am alive
ruled by gravity
my every thought and action
carried out according to the clock

the micropulsations of the sphere
north to south and back again
vibrate though the portal
at the top of my skull

pass though me
fanning out, then
funneling back again
to the place of beginning

i am grounded
only in so much as I can feel
the origin from whence it comes
the pull to earth