I am looking for a new field of employment. A second or third or fourth career. I took an online occupational proficiency exam and found much to my surprise that I should be looking for employment as a philosopher. I have not seen many job descriptions in this category on Monster or CareerBuilder. The closest descriptions seem to be gardener or exterminator – at opposite ends of the spectrum. Both have attending toxic exposure hazards. I suppose that for the practicing philosopher there are toxic ideas that can also be hazardous. I hope they don’t give the same tests in our public educational system, or place much importance on the results.

I believe that things are not as neatly categorized in the field of real life, that our brains attend on the fly to what we have learned is important and attempt to screen out what has been determined as unimportant, unknowable or otherwise irrelevant to the moment at hand. Thusly, we are often mistaken, sold a bum steer and a lifetime supply of magic beans. Or sometimes we spend a good deal of time gaming the system, if we find some combination of attention and inattention that seems to work. But we are no closer to it than planting magic beans.  A bit more comfortable, tho. And comfort, unchallenged, settles us deeper into our niche, further removed from the statistical aberrations of shocks and random influences that are all too real.


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