What is the name

of that flower?

It is easier to deny things

that you do not have

a framework of knowledge

or experience

that helps enable understanding

those things

than it is to learn

or examine

what of the deluge

is drinkable?




Happiness, a temporary definition:
When basic survival needs can be taken for granted and there is a confident, relaxed sense that change can be easily accommodated.

In salad days, before I had heard the term “Snow Mexicans”

there were snow days and seasons somewhat related to the time of year

there seemed to be some hidden order to things, sensed below the level of awareness

conveyed and ingrained through the well measured time of public education

It came as a shock that time in the world at large was maleable, subjective yet absolute

the random impingement of events whilst being carried along

by the illusion of a continuous stream, ordered only in retrospect

Within the continuum, on closer inspection, there were gaps and leaps

Chutes and ladders, feedback loops and dead ends

there is some basic fault that separates the knowledge of generations

that perpetuates the same errors separated by epochs

the desire for what is not, and unwillingness to accept what is

or the lack of courage to create the imagined

Kurzweil’s site repost

The neuron’s¬†cytoskeleton: an active scaffold.

What’s going on inside a neuron?

The neuron’s¬†cytoskeleton: an active scaffold.

Godard’s “Goodbye to Language”

(Here’s where I try out being a pretentious film critic sort of guy.)

Godard pries apart the narrative to show you the discontinuities in reality. His camera and edits follow saccadic eye movements, decomposing the attention into it’s fleeting shifts of focus, somehow strung together by time. The sound overlaps the image, is sometimes totally independent, as it is in the internal soundscape.

It was a short movie.

Perpetual Motion

should anyone doubt
the power of
the spirits of dead plants
see it in the movement
of  ruined factories
the searing sun
tortured winds
swollen waves
folding earth
this is not something
it has happened
right through the eyes
still we are numb
in zombie beguilement
since under the influence
of a trance induced
by the continual quest for
perpetual motion

should anyone doubt
the spirits of living plants
see it in what is hungered for
when life is overturned
in continuum
how appetites are controlled
externally by
something with flavor
something that smells
something that makes a sound
something that emits a light
something pleasant to the touch
as it is known internally
an infinitely fragmented
temporal, elusive and
consumed rather than regarded
or held at arms length
for this is the nature
of our relationship
in your face
yet mutually undetectable
but by inference