Godard’s “Goodbye to Language”

(Here’s where I try out being a pretentious film critic sort of guy.)

Godard pries apart the narrative to show you the discontinuities in reality. His camera and edits follow saccadic eye movements, decomposing the attention into it’s fleeting shifts of focus, somehow strung together by time. The sound overlaps the image, is sometimes totally independent, as it is in the internal soundscape.

It was a short movie.

parrot fog telemetry

prudent or not
at this jungle-juncture
of north-south-east-west
some new world order
asserts itself

not out of design
but emergence
a signal arises
from the noise
and later
outside the window
it arrives
in the form
of wild beasts
and voluptuous vines

foreign gardeners
pinch back the sprawl
so that it may redouble
to reclaim the realm