Perpetual Motion

should anyone doubt
the power of
the spirits of dead plants
see it in the movement
of  ruined factories
the searing sun
tortured winds
swollen waves
folding earth
this is not something
it has happened
right through the eyes
still we are numb
in zombie beguilement
since under the influence
of a trance induced
by the continual quest for
perpetual motion

should anyone doubt
the spirits of living plants
see it in what is hungered for
when life is overturned
in continuum
how appetites are controlled
externally by
something with flavor
something that smells
something that makes a sound
something that emits a light
something pleasant to the touch
as it is known internally
an infinitely fragmented
temporal, elusive and
consumed rather than regarded
or held at arms length
for this is the nature
of our relationship
in your face
yet mutually undetectable
but by inference


parrot fog telemetry

prudent or not
at this jungle-juncture
of north-south-east-west
some new world order
asserts itself

not out of design
but emergence
a signal arises
from the noise
and later
outside the window
it arrives
in the form
of wild beasts
and voluptuous vines

foreign gardeners
pinch back the sprawl
so that it may redouble
to reclaim the realm

Earthquakes and Antipodes

Strange coincidence? – quakes in Haiti and Chile, then in Taiwan shortly thereafter.  Ever been inside a building with a spherical dome roof? If you are, let’s say, on one edge of the building, you can talk without raising your voice to someone on the opposite edge. The hemispherical surface focuses the soundwaves. The earth is not a perfect sphere, but slightly irregular and oblate. There are multiple focal points.